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Festivals in Georgia

festivals georgia


Celebration in the last weekend of October to celebrate the birthday of Tbilisi. Shows, festivals, concerts, fireworks are on the cards as well as copious fruits, vegetables, wines, cheeses and other foods.  

Rtveli in the region of Kakheti

In this picturesque region, Taking place every year in September/October, the wine harvest festival of Rtveli is a great time of year to be in Georgia –  Kakheti is Georgia's biggest wine region.

Tbilisi Jazz Festival

The Tbilisi Jazz Festival is an annual international jazz festival held in Tbilisi, Georgia, which, along with Batumi's Black Sea Jazz Festival, is the country's main jazz event. It was first held in 1978 and became an annual event in 2000. Its traditional venue is the Tbilisi Concert Hall