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Travel highlights Georgia

travel highlights georgia

Gelati Monastery

Founded in 1106 by King David, their main Cathedral of the Virgin is very colourful with fascinating frescoes. The monastery is a Unesco World Heritage site.

Chavchavadze Estate

Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, the founder of the Georgian romanticism turned the estate in the village of Tsinandali, which he inherited from his father into cultural and intellectual center of the country, the status it preserves to this day. The place regularly hosts exhibitions, concerts, literary events and master classes.

The complex in Tsinandali embraces the memorial house, a landscape garden, a historical winery, wine cellar, hotel and a café. The vineyards have been restored and wine production has resumed.

Old Town in Shatili

This old town is really a historic village in an isolated valley on the northern slope of the Caucasus range at 1400 meters high. The village has the unique medieval-to-early modern features of a fortress with numerous high towers mixed with residential complexes

Monastery in Vardzia

The remarkable cave city of Vardzia was built by King Giorgi III  in the 12th century. His daughter, Queen Tamar, established a cave monastery that grew into a holy city housing almost 2000 monks. Altogether there are over 400 rooms, 13 churches and 25 wine cellars, with many more still being discovered today.